【Idiom & Slang Expressions】(一)
1. "Are you seeing anyone?" means
Can you see anyone coming?
Are you staring at anyone?
Are you dating anyone?
2. "I'm just beat!" means that
Somebody just hit me!
I'm exhausted.
I lost in the game.
3. If someone says "What's up?," he/she asks you
What's going on?
What's up there?
What's the deal?
4. If your friend says "Let's go out and let our hair down a bit tonight.," she invites you to
untie your hair and let your long hair fall around your shoulders when you go out tonight
let your hair cover your face when you go out tonight
go out and relax tonight
5. "She appeared at my door out of the blue" means that
She came to my door in a blue dress
She suddenly appeared at my door
She appeared at my door because she felt sad about something
6. If someone told you that he got a pink slip last month, he meant that
he received a pink advertisement slip in the mail last month
he got a speeding ticket from a cop last month
he received a termination notice from a job last month
7. If something is par for the course, it is
just what is normal and expected
one of the rules for a golfing game
the score standard for each hole of a golf course
8. If someone says "I haven't got around to grocery shopping.," he/she means that
he/she is still on his/her way to the grocery store
he/she hasn't found the time for grocery shopping
the grocery store is packed with people
9. If someone says "That is just not my cup of tea.", he/she means that
something is not to his/her liking
the waiter brought him/her the wrong kind of tea
someone mistakenly took his/her cup of tea
10. Dennis got fired from his job because he couldn't cut the mustard
Dennis was fired because he was not a good cook
Dennis was fired because he could not stand the bitterness of the mustard
Dennis was fired because his work performance was not satisfactory